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Playable Spooks!

Roleplaying in the Afterlife

     Congratulations, you're dead! and the afterlife isn't what we thought.  In this fantastical tabletop role-playing game you play a spook, or the dearly departed, in an Ancient Egyptian inspired thereafter known as the Great Beyond.  Play as a Bhoot, Doll, Ghost, Ghoul, Skeleton, Vampire, Wraith or Zombie in a predominate Victorian society.  Meet people from history.  Explore a rich and infinite world under the shinning lights of Necropolis, city of the dead.  Tour infamous locations such as the River Styx, manifest into the Spirit Realm and haunt the living, unravel the dreams of yesterday and today through the Dream Veil, brave the dangers of the Hellfire Lands or quest for the lost paradise of old such as Elysium, Valhalla or Avalon.  How will you spend your afterlife?

Available Now!

"Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond"


May be purchased in Digital *.PDF form, Softcover or Hardcover.  Check them out at where you can preview over 100 pages of the book to ensure this is the right game for you and your group.



Canine Capers, Animated Antics by Simon Wilkinson

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